Is Condo Better Than HDB? Pros and Cons Compared

News about $1 million HDB resale flats in Singapore is not rare today. This makes many people question if it’s worth buying an HDB for this price. Some might think it’s the right time to move to a private condo. Both options, HDB and condos, have their advantages and disadvantages when purchased in Singapore. We will look at what you should think about when choosing between an HDB resale flat and a condo.

Key Takeaways

  • HDB resale flats offer more spacious living and convenient access to amenities, but have restrictions on reselling and pet ownership.
  • Condos provide enhanced privacy, security, and access to exclusive amenities, but come with monthly maintenance fees.
  • Location and price are crucial factors when comparing HDB and condo options, as they can significantly impact the investment potential.
  • Both HDB and condo have their own advantages and drawbacks, and the choice depends on the buyer’s needs, budget, and investment goals.
  • Careful consideration of all factors is essential to determine the better housing option between an HDB resale flat and a condo in Singapore.

Understanding HDB Resale Flats

HDB resale flats are previously owned homes available for sale in Singapore. These houses were lived in by others and are at least five years old. Unlike new BTO flats, HDB resale flats do not offer a new 99-year lease. The lease’s remaining years affect the flat’s price. People who want to avoid the BTO waiting time often choose HDB resale flats.

Factors Contributing to Rising HDB Resale Prices

The prices of HDB resale flats have gone up for a few reasons. There are not enough new BTO flats to meet the growing demand, which pushes up resale prices. The lack of available land in Singapore and measures against speculation also play a role. As a result, HDB resale flat prices have increased.

Benefits of Buying an HDB Resale Flat

Even with the higher prices, HDB resale flats have many advantages. Homebuyers can benefit from various government grants and subsidies. Also, they can move in right away, without waiting for a new flat to be built.

Advantages of HDB Resale Flats

HDB resale flats in Singapore have many good points. They offer big living spaces, perfect for families. For the price of about a million dollars, you could get a 4 or 5-room flat. These flats can be from 969 to 1,184 square feet big. Some larger ones, jumbo flats, can even be 1,900 square feet big. In contrast, a million-dollar condo in certain areas might only be 450 to 770 square feet big. But, in other areas, the condo may also be as big as 1,900 square feet.

These flats also let you live close to many useful places. You’ll find shopping malls, hawker centers, community centers, and transport close by. This makes life easier and more enjoyable for people living there.

Unlike BTO flats, getting a HDB resale flat means you don’t have to wait. Once you’ve decided, you can move in right away. This is a big advantage for anyone eager to start living in their new home.

Finally, HDB resale flats offer a good deal. Even though their prices have gone up, they are still more affordable than private condos. This makes them a smart choice for first-time buyers or those wanting to move from their current HDB flat.

Drawbacks of HDB Resale Flats

HDB resale flats have benefits but also some drawbacks. Those looking to buy should be aware of them. One main issue is the

Minimum occupancy period (MOP)

you must wait before selling. This is usually 5 years for HDB flats. For BTO flats, it’s even longer, at 9 to 10 years.

Another challenge is the

possibility of cash over valuation

. When lots of people want to buy, sellers sometimes ask for more money than the flat is actually worth. This means buyers might end up paying too much.

Pet ownership limitations

also affect HDB resale flats. Usually, you can’t have larger pets or certain breeds in your home. This might be tough for families or pet lovers.


higher renovation costs

could be a problem. When you buy an HDB resale flat, you might have to change things to match your tastes. Especially if the last owners lived there a long time.

Reselling RestrictionsHomeowners must meet the minimum occupancy period (MOP) of 5 years (9-10 years for BTO) before they can resell their HDB resale flat.
Cash Over ValuationSellers may charge a premium above the flat’s actual valuation when demand is high, resulting in homebuyers paying more than the property’s worth.
Pet Ownership LimitationsHDB resale flat owners are typically not allowed to keep large pets or certain breeds within their homes.
Higher Renovation CostsHomeowners may need to update or modify the property to suit their preferences, particularly if the flat has been owned by previous occupants for an extended period.

Is Condo Better Than HDB?

Choosing between a condo and an HDB resale flat depends on what you want. If it’s for living, a condo might be more cost-effective than a house. This makes it a good pick for those buying their first home. You can own a part of your condo with each mortgage payment. Plus, you save on the rent you might pay somewhere else.

Benefits of Owning a Condo

Owning a condo has some big advantages. You could rent it out when you’re not using it, which brings in extra money. Also, condos often go up in value over time. So, by owning one, you’re looking at a potential increase in wealth through your property’s value.

Building Equity and Passive Income

Choosing condo ownership over renting means you’re putting your money into something that’s yours. This financial stake can help with future big expenses or retirement plans. And if you rent out your condo, that extra income can go straight into your mortgage payments. This could lower how much you’re spending on your home each month.

Potential for Appreciation

In great locations or with cool features, condos can quickly go up in value. This chance for strong property appreciation makes owning a condo a good investment. If you sell your place in the future, you might get a big profit.

Advantages of Condo Living

Living in a condo in Singapore has many perks. One key advantage is the better privacy and security within gated areas. Condos come with 24-hour security, which is great for families with kids. Children can play freely in playgrounds without parents worrying.

Condo residents also have the chance to use exclusive amenities. This includes pools, gyms, and even tennis courts. It brings a touch of luxury and a resort vibe to everyday life.

One of the best parts of living in a condo is the freedom to move whenever. Unlike HDB flats, where you must live for 5 years before selling, condos have no such rule. This is perfect for people who may move again or want to invest.

Drawbacks of Condo Ownership

Condominiums have their perks, but they also carry some downsides. Owners often feel the pinch of paying monthly maintenance fees and follow community rules strictly.

Monthly Maintenance Fees

Condo ownership means signing up for monthly payments. These fees go to the association for shared area upkeep. If you don’t use these spaces often, the cost may not be justified.

Community Guidelines and Restrictions

Living in a condo means living by certain community guidelines and restrictions. These can limit what you do with your space, from pets and noise, to where you park or how you renovate. They aim to keep the whole place looking good and running smoothly, but they can curb your freedom too.

Monthly Maintenance FeesCondo owners are required to pay monthly fees to the condo association for the maintenance and upkeep of shared amenities. These fees can increase over time and may not be worth the cost if the homeowner does not regularly use the facilities.
Community Guidelines and RestrictionsCondo living comes with a set of rules and regulations that owners must follow, covering aspects like pet ownership, noise levels, parking, and renovations. These guidelines help maintain the community’s aesthetics and harmony but may limit the homeowner’s personal preferences.

Location and Price Considerations

When browsing for a home in Singapore, where it’s located and how much it costs matter a lot. You can find small condo units like studios, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom flats in the city areas for up to a million dollars. But, bigger places only become affordable in the faraway regions. There, you might find a 3-room or 4-room condo for much less.

Comparison of Prices and Square Footage

The difference in cost and size between HDB flats and condos is significant. A million-dollar HDB resale flat can be quite large, from 969 to 1,184 square feet. Some might even be as big as 1,900 square feet. In contrast, a million-dollar condo in city areas may be around 450 to 770 square feet. Yet, in more distant regions, it could equal the space of an HDB flat.

Proximity to City Center and Amenities

Being close to the city center or amenities is very important. Condos in central areas typically have easy access to city life. They’re near shops, dining, and fun activities. HDB flats, however, are more found in the outskirts. Yet, they often have good public transport, schools, and local services nearby.

Investment Potential: HDB vs Condo

When we look at investment potential, both HDB resale flats and condos offer great chances. It’s important to know the trends in long-term appreciation and rental income. This helps people decide which type of home in Singapore is best for investing.

Long-term Appreciation Trends

HDB resale flats have often gone up in value over the years. This is good news for people who want to see their property worth more over time. But not all HDB flats will rise in value at the same rate. This depends on where they are, how big they are, and how long the lease has left.

Condos in great spots have also shown they can become more valuable. This is especially true in areas like the Core Central Region (CCR) and Rest of Central Region (RCR). For investors, the chance to see their property grow in these areas is very attractive.

Rental Income Opportunities

When it comes to rental income, both HDB resale flats and condos have something to offer. HDB flats are good for steady rental income, especially in popular renting areas. But they may not bring in as much money as condos in great locations.

Looking at condos, they typically bring in more rental income. This is because of their fancy facilities and great spots. They also allow investors to set higher rental prices, which could mean more money in the end.

Comparison FactorHDB Resale FlatsCondos
Investment PotentialConsistent long-term appreciation in value, with varying rates depending on location and lease period.Impressive appreciation in prime or desirable locations, particularly in the Core Central Region (CCR) and Rest of Central Region (RCR).
Rental Income OpportunitiesSteady rental income, but potentially lower rental yield compared to condos.Higher rental income potential due to luxury amenities and desirable locations, allowing for higher rental rates.


The choice between an HDB resale flat and a condominium in Singapore depends on what you need and can afford. HDB flats offer space and easy access to facilities, making them a good deal. But, they have some rules to follow and limits.

If you choose a condo, you get more private and secure living with extra perks. However, there are monthly fees and rules to live by.

So, think about your lifestyle and what you want from your home. Consider your financial plans too. This step is key whether you go for a flat or a condo.

Stay well-informed and get advice from experts as you look for a place. This way, you can pick a home that fits not only your current needs but also future ones. Making a smart decision will benefit you for years to come.


What are HDB Resale Flats?

HDB resale flats are pre-owned public housing flats in Singapore. They are owned by someone else and have a five-year waiting period. This is to ensure they meet certain criteria.

What factors contribute to rising HDB Resale Prices?

The price of a resale flat goes down with fewer years on the lease. For those wanting to skip the waiting time on a new flat, resales are a great choice.

What are the benefits of buying an HDB Resale Flat?

They offer more living space than condos. You also get easy access to shops, parks, and schools. For the money, they are a good deal.

What are the drawbacks of HDB Resale Flats?

To sell your HDB flat, you must wait for five years. There can be extra costs, like valuation fees. Also, there are rules about keeping pets.

What are the benefits of owning a Condo?

Owning a condo can be a smart investment. Each payment builds your home’s value. You can also save money compared to renting.

What are the advantages of Condo Living?

Living in a condo gives you special access to gyms, pools, and security. There’s no long wait to sell, unlike HDB flats.

What are the drawbacks of Condo Ownership?

There are monthly fees to cover the costs of shared spaces. You must also follow rules set by the condo management.

How do location and price factors compare between HDB Resale Flats and Condos?

In the city area, a condo costs more but is usually small. You might get a larger condo further out. HDB flats in these areas can be a better price.

What are the investment potential considerations between HDB and Condo?

Both HDB and condos can grow in value over time. How much you earn from renting also matters. It’s important to think about these points before deciding.