North Gaia EC | New Launches in Yishun Near Amenities

North Gaia EC is a new place in Yishun, Singapore, by Sing Holdings. It will make living better and more comfortable. This place is on Yishun Avenue 9, covers 231,575 sqft, and has 600 units.

Living here means you’re close to important places like Junction 9 mall and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. You’re also near good schools.

You can choose from 3 to 5 bedroom units. And with Yishun MRT station and a bus terminal so close, going places is easy.

This place cares about the earth and its people. It’s made for comfortable and green living, perfect for anyone looking for a home in District 27.

North Gaia EC

A bird’s-eye view of North Gaia EC, with a cluster of high-rise buildings surrounded by lush greenery. The residential complex should be situated in a peaceful locality near bustling amenities, featuring a well-maintained pool and a playground for kids. The image should express tranquility, safety, and modernity.

Key Takeaways

  • Sing Holdings’ North Gaia EC is situated on Yishun Avenue 9 with 600 units on a 231,575 sqft plot.
  • The development is a 99-year leasehold property offering modern living spaces.
  • Residents will have easy access to Junction 9 shopping mall, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, and top educational institutions.
  • North Gaia EC offers seamless connectivity with Yishun MRT station and bus terminal nearby.
  • Units range from 3 to 5 bedrooms, catering to various family needs.

Introduction to North Gaia EC

North Gaia EC is a cool and eco-friendly place in Yishun, District 27. It’s made by Sing Holdings to give a green and comfy home. With a size of 21,514 m², it has 616 units in eleven 14-story blocks. They are built to let in lots of air and light, thanks to an angle that’s great for eco-living.

This spot is perfect for all kinds of people. Most of the homes are 3-bedroom flats, perfect for couples, families, and more. Nearly 85% of the units are like this. It’s set to be ready in 2025 and is all about quality and keeping to its time.

It comes with top kitchen gear and bathroom stuff from Brandt, Grohe, and Franke. Plus, it’s near great places like Northpoint City mall and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital. Living here means enjoying the green life with city perks.

North Gaia EC has over 60 spots for fun and relaxing. You can play tennis underground. The price starts at $1,140,000 for a 3-bedroom place here, which is quite good for its area. It’s a chance to live in a smart and eco-friendly way.

Prime Location in Yishun

North Gaia EC is in a great spot. It’s near many places and things to do, which is awesome for people who will live there.

Connectivity and Transport

It’s easy to get around because of North Gaia’s good location. It’s close to Yishun Bus Terminal and Yishun MRT station. This means it’s simple to go to cool places in Singapore like Changi Airport and Orchard Road. The new Yishun Avenue 8 gives even more ways to travel. It makes getting to places like Seletar West Link easier.

Yishun MRT station is linked with Northpoint City. Inside, there are more than 500 places to eat and shop. So, it’s a fun place to explore and an important spot to travel easily.

Proximity to Shopping Malls

Junction 9 is not far from North Gaia EC. It’s a favorite shopping spot in Yishun. There, you can find lots of places to eat and shop. This makes living at North Gaia more enjoyable. Soon, there will also be Canberra Plaza nearby. That will add even more fun and handy places to go. North Gaia is perfect for those who like being near lots of cool and useful places.

Eco-Friendly Features

North Gaia EC is all about living with the Earth. It uses many eco-friendly things in its design. This makes it use less energy and not harm our world as much.

Sustainable Architecture Design

The design of North Gaia is very special. It helps keep out the noise and let in fresh air. It also makes living there really nice. Most of the homes are 3-bedroom, fitting in well with the area and helping to keep things cooler.

Green Development Project

North Gaia is part of a big green project. It uses building ways that are good for the Earth. The place has 60 fun spots in five areas, making life great for everyone and still helping nature and. Living in the eco-friendly North Gaia means lots of green areas and a healthy way of life. It’s near Khatib Bongsu Nature Park, which is lovely for people living there.

Outstanding Amenities

In North Gaia EC, residents find many amenities. These make life comfortable and fun. The place is full of things for families to do together. It’s in a great spot with lots of fun activities.

Recreational Facilities

North Gaia is close to Yishun’s fun parks and nature spots. Yishun Pond Park is known for its peaceful walks and fitness areas. Moreover, Sembawang Hot Spring nearby is great for relaxation.

recreational facilities at North Gaia EC

Create an image showcasing the diverse recreational facilities at North Gaia EC. Show residents swimming laps in a large infinity pool, playing tennis or basketball on well-maintained courts, and jogging along serene nature trails. Include a spacious outdoor playground for children, complete with modern equipment and plenty of green space for them to run around in. Highlight the impressive gym area that offers state-of-the-art equipment and a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. Depict a cozy lounge area where residents can relax and socialize with friends and family, complete with comfortable seating and a small snack bar. Finally, show the stunning rooftop garden where residents can unwind amidst lush greenery and beautiful city views.

With easy access to North Point City and Junction 9, living is exciting. There’s plenty of places to eat, shop, and have fun.

Family-Friendly Features

In North Gaia, there’s something for every family member. Nee Soon Spring Community Centre is perfect for making friends and learning new things together.

The area has top schools like Chongfu School and Northland Middle. This is great for families. Kids can have fun and learn a lot.

Education and Schools Nearby

Families living in North Gaia enjoy having great schools nearby. These schools offer a supportive and rich environment for kids to learn.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Parents have many primary schools to pick from. Choices include Chongfu School, North View Primary School, Xishan Primary School, and Huamin Primary School. There’s also Ahmad Ibrahim Primary School, Yishun Primary School, Jiemin Primary School, and Northland Primary School close by. This shows the diverse and strong selection of schools in Yishun area. For high school students, there is a good mix of schools nearby too. Secondary schools like Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Yishun Town Secondary School, Northland Secondary School, and Northbrooks Secondary School are accessible. Having so many respected schools close highlights North Gaia’s care for families and their education.

International Schools

Not just local schools, but North Gaia is also near excellent international schools like GEMS. GEMS International School follows a known worldwide education plan. This helps families moving from abroad keep their kids’ learning steady. These schools attract many, making North Gaia a perfect place for families, from here or overseas, looking for superior education.

With both standard and international schools close, North Gaia provides a wide education choice. This setup is ideal for all kinds of families, making life and schooling simple. It fits perfectly with North Gaia’s family-centered living.

Healthcare Facilities

Living in North Gaia EC means great healthcare is close by. Khoo Teck Puat Hospital is nearby. It takes care of all your health needs well. With many clinics around, North Gaia offers complete healthcare.

Yishun Community Hospital is also near. It adds to North Gaia’s strong healthcare system. This mix of good hospitals and clinics is why North Gaia is perfect for healthy living.

North Gaia healthcare

Create an image showcasing the modern facilities and advanced technology at North Gaia Healthcare in Yishun, with a focus on the comfortable and welcoming environment for patients and their families. Incorporate elements such as natural light, greenery, and state-of-the-art medical equipment to portray a sense of relaxation and trust in the quality of care provided. Consider using warm colors and soft textures to enhance the soothing atmosphere.

North Gaia is near Junction 9. This makes life easy with places to eat, supermarket, food courts, and shops. It also has important healthcare spots nearby.

The goal at North Gaia is to have all you need close. This includes shopping, eating, and top-notch healthcare.

Excellent Investment Potential

North Gaia EC stands out as a great investment. It is in Yishun, near big jobs and future improvements. This means investors might see more rent and property value going up.

Rental Trends

Rentals in Yishun are increasing, benefiting from nearby jobs and schools. Many now prefer working from home some days. This makes North Gaia’s big, new units very attractive, especially for professionals.

Also, the value of EC properties goes up a lot in the first 10 to 15 years. That’s good for investors looking at the long term.

Future Developments

North Gaia has many big plans ahead. New projects will make travel easier. The upcoming railway extensions will connect Yishun better with Singapore’s main areas.

Total Units616 (Eleven 14-storey blocks)
Site Area21,514 m² (231,576 sq ft)
Expected TOP2025
Unit Mix85% 3-bedroom units
Launch Day PriceAverage price of $1,302 psf
Land Tender Price$373,500,000 for a 21,514 sqm (231,575 sqft) land parcel

To sum up, North Gaia’s location is top-notch. Combined with Yishun’s good rental trends and future growth, it’s a strong pick in Singapore’s property market.

Spacious and Versatile Unit Layouts

North Gaia EC has many unit types for all kinds of families. It’s great for those living alone or with many family members. Each space is made well, giving enough room and useful areas.

3-Bedroom Units

Looking for a bit more space in Yishun? The 3-bedroom homes in North Gaia EC are perfect. They mix big rooms with a cool style. This makes living cozy for couples or small families.

4-Bedroom and 5-Bedroom Units

Need even more room? North Gaia has big 4-bedroom and 5-bedroom units for you. They are ideal for larger families. Everyone can enjoy their own space, with lots of room to share. This is great for families that need a flexible home.

North Gaia spacious units

Show a bird’s-eye view of the North Gaia EC complex with different spacious unit layouts in varying colors and shapes. The surroundings should depict the nearby amenities such as malls, parks, and transport links. Illuminate the whole scene with natural light for a warm and welcoming feel.

Lumina Grand EC, on the other hand, offers units from 969 to 1,173 square feet. It has cool layouts like dumbbell and L-shaped kitchens. North Gaia makes sure to match various family needs with its roomy designs.

Developer’s Track Record

Sing Holdings is well-known in real estate for doing great work. They build homes that people love and want to live in. Their buildings in areas like Yishun show this clearly.

Previous Developments

Sing Holdings is excellent at crafting beautiful and useful homes. These homes are lovely and loved by many. They always finish on time, making both investors and new owners happy. For example, the Yishun North Gaia is a new project with many good features. It’s near important places and easy to get to, which makes it a smart choice for buyers.

Commitment to Quality

The Yishun North Gaia project shows Sing Holdings’ promise of high quality. They pick the best materials and are careful in building. They want to make sure every home feels special. For them, it’s not just building houses. It’s about creating living spaces that are models for the future.

Community and Lifestyle

Living in North Gaia EC is just right for those who love city life and nature. It has both the fun of the city and the calm of the outdoors. This mix suits people who want to live a busy, yet peaceful life.

Parks and Nature

North Gaia EC is near great parks and nature spots in Yishun. Yishun Pond Park has a new lookout tower that everyone loves. It shows off beautiful views. Soon, Khatib Bongsu Nature Park will open close by. These places are perfect for jogging, having picnics, and watching birds. They make it easy to stay healthy and enjoy nature.

North Gaia lifestyle

Show a lively and vibrant community scene in North Gaia EC, with people of different ages and backgrounds enjoying various activities such as playing sports, shopping at nearby amenities, and socializing in public spaces. Use bright and warm colors to convey a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, and include some of the unique features of the development, such as green spaces, modern architecture, and convenient facilities. Make sure to showcase a sense of harmony and balance between nature and urban living in the image.

Community Centers

In Yishun, there are many community centers for people of all interests. These places are not just for fun. They help people connect, do activities together, and have events. The Yishun Community is one such place near North Gaia. It offers many things to do, like sports and learning workshops. Living close to these centers helps build a strong community. It makes everyone feel welcome.

Price and Availability

North Gaia EC has good prices and many unit choices for buyers. The lowest price for unit #03-03 is $1,177 per square foot. The highest is $1,395 for unit #14-22. People like the prices because it’s a great area in Yishun. You can find 3 to 5-bedroom homes at North Gaia, perfect for any family.

Prices for North Gaia EC units go from $1,140,000 to $2,123,000. Prices are good, so it’s a good idea to keep up with updates. 616 units are spread across 11 blocks.

Living at North Gaia means being close to great places. Yishun MRT Station and roads like the SLE make traveling easy. There are also lots of stores at Northpoint City. This makes life at North Gaia super convenient and fun.

To make the best choice, buyers can check on price changes and unit updates. This helps them get the best unit for them.

Unit NumberPrice ($)PSF


North Gaia EC is a place where living is both green and easy in Yishun, Singapore. This project is made for everyone. It has great eco-friendly features and lots of things to do. You can find peace in nature or join a lively community here. The mix of 3-bedroom units and larger ones helps meet different family needs.

The area is near important places like the Yishun hub and has easy access to big roads. It’s also close to schools, hospitals, and shops, making life convenient for everyone, locals and international people alike. Amenities including North Point City are within reach. Plus, the future looks bright for Yishun, making this spot a good bet for investing.

The price to get in at North Gaia EC is quite good, since the land cost less than other similar projects. At about $1250 per square foot, it’s a good deal in Yishun. With the area getting more popular and growing, chances of a good return on this investment are high. In short, North Gaia EC is a great place to live. It mixes natural beauty with today’s needs well, and it’s a wise investment choice too.


What makes North Gaia EC stand out among Yishun new launches?

North Gaia EC by Sing Holdings brings us eco-friendly homes in Yishun. It’s near Junction 9 shopping mall and top schools. This makes it stand out for green, modern living.

Can you provide a brief introduction to North Gaia EC and its core features?

North Gaia EC is in Yishun’s District 27. It has 600 units designed for green living. The aim is to offer luxury mixed with eco-friendliness.

How is North Gaia EC strategically located in Yishun?

North Gaia EC is very close to Yishun Bus Terminal and MRT station. This gives easy access to all of Singapore. It’s also near Junction 9 and future spots like Canberra Plaza.

What eco-friendly features are incorporated in North Gaia EC?

Green designs and practices are at the heart of North Gaia EC. It focuses on energy saving and lessening our impact on the Earth. This mix luxury and eco-friendliness.

What amenities are available within the North Gaia EC vicinity?

Amenities at North Gaia EC include Yishun Pond Park and the Sembawang Hot Spring. There’s also the Nee Soon Spring Community Centre for families. It offers a lively lifestyle for everyone.

Are there quality educational institutions near North Gaia EC?

Yes, North Gaia EC is near top schools like Chongfu and Northland. It’s also close to GEMS World Academy. This makes it perfect for families.

How accessible are healthcare facilities from North Gaia EC?

North Gaia EC residents can easily reach Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and clinics. Health care is within reach, making life safer and easier.

What investment potential does North Gaia EC offer?

Its nearness to key job areas and future rail lines raises North Gaia EC’s value. Rental rates and area growth hint at good investment and growth potential.

What unit layouts are available at North Gaia EC?

North Gaia EC has 3 to 5 bedroom units for various needs. Each layout offers enough space for people, couples, and big families.

What is the track record of Sing Holdings, the developer of North Gaia EC?

Sing Holdings has built many successful projects. This shows they deliver quality, durable homes at North Gaia EC.

How does North Gaia EC promote community and lifestyle?

It enriches life with parks and green spaces like Yishun Pond Park. Through community centers, it encourages social events, making living well-rounded and fun.

What is the pricing and availability of units at North Gaia EC?

North Gaia EC’s units start around $1,250 to $1,280 psf. Those interested can sign up for updates on prices and unit availability. This secures their spot in this popular development.