Altura EC Price Guide: Discover Affordable Luxury in Singapore

Our study shows that Altura EC is bringing affordable luxury living to Bukit Batok, District 23, Singapore.1 This executive condominium will be the first of its kind in over 22 years. It gives a special chance to buyers in Singapore’s real estate world. Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction are behind this project, known for their top-notch work. Altura EC is in a perfect spot, close to amenities, great schools, and transport. It will offer 360 big units, from 3 to 5 bedrooms, perfect for families and those living with extended family. Now, you can find out about Altura EC’s launch date, price, and more. This guide has all you need to know about this new and exciting project.

Key Takeaways

  • Altura EC is the first executive condominium (EC) launch in Singapore in over 22 years, providing a rare opportunity for homebuyers.
  • The development is being built by renowned developers Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction, known for their expertise in delivering exceptional residential projects.
  • Altura EC offers a range of unit types, from 3- to 5-bedroom layouts, catering to both young families and multi-generational households.
  • The estimated price range for Altura EC units is $1.3k – $1.4k psf, which is significantly higher than previous EC launch prices but still lower than new launch condos priced at least $2,000 psf.
  • Altura EC presents a compelling investment opportunity with its prime location, impressive amenities, and potential for capital appreciation.

Introduction to Altura EC

Altura EC is an upcoming executive condominium in Bukit Batok, Singapore. It’s the first EC launch in over 22 years. The last EC launch was in 2003 with The Dew.1 This makes it a great chance to buy an EC during an exciting time in the market. Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction are the ones developing it. They are known for their top-notch projects.

First EC Launch in 22 Years

Its launch is a big deal after such a long time. Altura EC is the first of its kind in Singapore for more than two decades. This shows how keen people are to get their hands on it.1

Prime Location in Bukit Batok

Altura EC sits in a key spot in Bukit Batok, District 23. Being near the Jurong Lake District and the Jurong Innovation District has its perks.1 With everything it offers nearby, it’s turning into a hot spot for many. This makes Altura EC even more appealing as a place to live.

Launch Schedule and Pricing

The launch plan for Altura EC is set. Previews happen from July 22nd to 31st, 2023. Prices will be out on August 2nd and 3rd, 2023. There’s a pre-balloting event on August 4th, 2023, and booking starts on August 5th, 2023.1 Units are priced between $1.3 to $1.4 million per square foot. This makes it a budget-friendly choice in the luxury market.1

Altura EC Price Guide

Unit Types and Sizes

Altura EC offers different unit types for various family sizes. It has 2-, 3-, 4-, and 5-bedroom units. The sizes vary from about 990 square feet to 1,432 square feet.2 These units are spacious, well-designed, and perfect for comfortable living, meeting Altura EC’s promise of luxury living.

Pricing Analysis and Comparisons

Altura EC units are priced between $1.3 to $1.4 million per square foot. This makes it a great deal in the luxury condo market.1 It’s more affordable than the typical new condos, which can cost over $2,000 per square foot. The prices at Altura EC also match the rising trends of ECs.

Investment Potential and Capital Appreciation

Altura EC is a great pick for those looking to invest in Singapore’s real estate. ECs have shown to increase in value, with the first owners making at least $300,000.1 Its top location, quality features, and value for money attract both residents and investors.3 The scarcity of new ECs boosts Altura EC’s appeal for potential investment.

Visionary Developers Behind Altura EC

Altura EC is built by4 Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction. They are top names in Singapore’s real estate world. Qingjian Realty is known for top residential projects. They launched Tenet in Tampines to great success last year.4 Santarli Construction, skilled in the field, joins them. They share a dream of making top-notch, new homes at Altura EC. Together, their work at Altura EC promises top quality and a great living space for people.

Stunning Amenities and Facilities

Altura EC offers many cool amenities for its residents.2 It has a 50-meter pool, a Maze Garden, and a Chess Garden for fun and exercise. These areas are placed perfectly, making life at Altura EC better and building community spirit.

Outdoor Recreational Areas

Altura EC also has top-notch fitness and sports spots.5 There’s a big gym, a tennis court, and even a steam room. This means there’s something fun and healthy for everyone to enjoy.

Fitness and Sports Facilities

The fun doesn’t stop at sports. There’s a great clubhouse for parties and a place to hang out.5 Plus, there’s a club for reading and socializing. Altura EC aims to keep residents happy with a lot of things to do.

Clubhouse and Indoor Amenities

Altura EC Amenities

Review of Unit Layouts and Design

Altura EC has many types of units, like the 3-bedroom Premium + Study setup. This layout is great for families with 2-3 kids or couples thinking of starting a family.6 The 3-bedroom Premium + Study has a good layout. The dining and dry kitchen lead into the living room and balcony smoothly. There’s also a study corner by the bedroom corridor for extra use.

4-Bedroom Premium + Flexi

Altura EC also has 4-bedroom Premium + Flexi units for bigger or multi-generational families.6 These layouts are spacious and well designed. They have a big living and dining space that goes into the balcony. There’s even a junior suite and a flexi room for more options as your family changes.

Unique Selling Points of Altura EC Units

One thing that makes Altura EC special is the ability to change the bedroom walls.6 Just like in Qingjian Realty’s Tenet project, you can combine rooms or make one big space, like a study in the master bedroom. Also, 3-bedroom units have a study corner. The bigger units have a flexi room for even more possibilities.

Altura EC unit layouts and design


Altura EC is a great chance for people to buy a home in Singapore. It is an executive condominium in Bukit Batok.3 Made by Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction, it’s both affordable and luxurious. It’s perfect for young families and those living with many generations.3

Its location, features, and home designs make it stand out for living well in Singapore.3 This is the first EC in over 22 years, so it’s a unique opportunity for quality living and good investment in Singapore’s bustling real estate scene.37

Altura EC has different types of homes like 3-Bedroom + Study and 5-Bedroom layouts. This is perfect for HDB owners wanting to upgrade to a more luxurious home.7 Plus, with prices between $1,000,000 and $3,000,000, it offers luxury living at a good value.8

As the first EC in 20 years, Altura EC is a golden investment.7 Most past ECs have brought their owners profit.7 With its great location, quality features, and unique designs, it’s a smart choice for people wanting their home to grow in value.7


What is Altura EC?

Altura EC is a new development in Bukit Batok, District 23, Singapore. It’s the first EC to launch in over 22 years.

Who are the developers behind Altura EC?

Qingjian Realty and Santarli Construction are the developers. They’re known for great residential projects.

What is the launch schedule and pricing for Altura EC?

The launch starts with a Preview E-app Period from July 22nd to July 31st, 2023. Then, prices will be released on August 2nd and 3rd, 2023. You can expect prices from $1.3 to $1.4 million per square foot.

What unit types and sizes are available at Altura EC?

You can choose from 3-bedroom Premium + Study, 4-bedroom Premium + Flexi, and 5-bedroom units. Sizes range from about 990 to 1,432 square feet.

What are the key amenities and facilities available at Altura EC?

Altura EC has great amenities like a 50-meter lap pool and a Chess Garden. It also has a fitness center, tennis court, and a stylish clubhouse.

What makes Altura EC a compelling investment opportunity?

It’s a great investment because of its perfect location and good pricing for luxury. Plus, there haven’t been many new EC launches lately. This could lead to high value gains over time.