Can Singles Buy Executive Condo in Singapore? Guide

Executive condominiums (ECs) provide a unique housing option in Singapore. They stand between public housing and private condos. Developed by private builders, they are sold at lower prices. This makes them affordable for many, especially with specific housing grants. We will look into whether singles can purchase executive condos in Singapore. This includes what they need to know about eligibility and the rules for single applicants buying ECs.

Key Takeaways

  • Singles in Singapore can purchase executive condominiums, but with certain restrictions and limitations compared to married couples or families.
  • Single applicants under 35 can only buy resale ECs, while those 35 and above can apply jointly with another single individual to purchase a new EC.
  • Eligibility criteria for singles buying ECs include an income ceiling, property ownership rules, and a minimum occupation period (MOP).
  • Financing an EC purchase requires significant financial planning, with a minimum 25% downpayment and consideration of monthly mortgage payments.
  • CPF housing grants are available for singles purchasing new ECs, providing additional financial assistance.

Understanding Executive Condominiums in Singapore

Executive condominiums (ECs) mix public housing and private condos. Built by private developers, the government, through the Housing Development Board (HDB), has some control over them. They offer an in-between option for those who can’t quite afford a private condo but want more than an HDB flat.

What is an Executive Condo?

An executive condo sits between public flats and private condos. It’s a good choice for middle-income residents. These buildings come with a mix of public and private features.

Key Differences Between New and Resale ECs

New and resale ECs differ sharply. New ECs need a 5-year stay before they can be sold freely. Resale ECs face no such waiting period. Also, buying rules for new and resale ECs can differ, especially for singles.

FeatureNew Executive CondoResale Executive Condo
Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)5 yearsNo MOP
Eligibility CriteriaStricter for single applicants under 35More flexible for single applicants
PriceGenerally lower than resaleGenerally higher than new
AvailabilityLimited to new launchesAvailable on the open market

It’s key to know the differences between new and resale ECs. This helps buyers match their needs with the right kind of EC. It also lets them know what they’re getting into financially.

Eligibility Criteria for Singles Buying Executive Condos

To buy an executive condominium (EC) in Singapore, you must meet certain criteria. These are set by the Housing Development Board (HDB). They include an income limit, rules about property ownership, and a wait time before you can sell or rent the EC.

Income Ceiling Requirements

Your whole household must earn less than $16,000 a month for you to qualify for an EC. This limit is meant to keep ECs affordable for the middle-income group. It’s a good housing option between public housing and private condos.

Property Ownership Rules

If you hope to buy an EC, you can’t own private property in Singapore or abroad. This rule ensures ECs are available to those without any property yet.

Minimum Occupation Period (MOP)

After buying an EC, you must live in it for at least 5 years before selling or renting. This minimum occupation period (MOP) aims to prevent buying just for profit and encourages long-term residency.

Can singles buy executive condo Singapore?

Yes, singles can buy an executive condo in Singapore. But, there are some rules they must follow. If singles are under 35, they can’t buy a new unit. They can, however, buy a resale unit. This is one of the restrictions they face, unlike married couples or families.

Restrictions for Single Applicants

For singles over 35, they do have a chance to buy a new EC. They must do it with another single Singapore Citizen over 35. HDB put this rule for singles buying executive condos to make sure they fit the rules.

Options for Singles Purchasing ECs

So, what can singles do to buy an EC in Singapore? If they are under 35, they can only look at resale EC units. But, if they’re 35 or older, they can team up with another single over 35. Together, they can buy a new EC. These options for singles buying ec give single applicants ec a way into the executive condo market.

Financing and Affordability Considerations

Getting an executive condominium (EC) in Singapore needs a good financial plan. You must think about the money you need to pay at first and the loan amount you’ll get.

Downpayment and Loan Quantum

When buying a resale EC, you need to pay at least 25% upfront. This includes 5% in cash and 20% from your CPF accounts. A loan can cover the other 75%. So, saving up for this downpayment is a must.

Estimating Monthly Mortgage Payments

Besides the downpayment, think about the monthly mortgage payments. It depends on the loan amount, interest rates, and how long you’ll take to pay it. Make sure you can afford these monthly payments before you buy an EC.

CPF Housing Grants for New ECs

Buying a new executive condo means you might get CPF housing grants. The AHG and the SHG offer up to $80,000. This money can make purchasing a new EC more affordable.


The world of executive condominiums (ECs) in Singapore is full of chances and hurdles for singles. If you’re single, you can buy an EC. However, there are some rules you have to follow. These rules are different from what married people or families face.

Here’s an example. If you’re under 35 and not married, you can’t buy a new EC. But, you can buy a used one. If you’re 35 or older, you can join with another single friend to buy a new EC. These rules aim to make sure everyone has a fair chance.

Everyone thinking about buying an EC, no matter if they’re married or single, must look at the rules. These rules are about how much money you can make, who can own the property, and how long you need to live there. The Housing Development Board (HDB) sets these rules.

If you plan well and understand these rules, you, as a single person in Singapore, can reach the dream of having your own amazing home. The EC program is here to help make this dream come true.


Can singles buy executive condos in Singapore?

Yes, singles in Singapore can buy executive condominiums (ECs). But, they have more rules to follow than married couples or families.

What are the eligibility criteria for singles to buy ECs?

To buy an EC, singles must:

– Be under 35 to purchase a resale EC. Those over 35 can buy a new EC, but they must do it with another single who is also over 35.

– Not make more than $16,000 a month together.

– Singles must also consider their prior property ownership.

What are the financial considerations for singles buying ECs?

Buying an EC needs careful financial planning. You’ll need a 25% downpayment. 5% has to be cash, and the other 20% from your CPF funds.

Singles, think about your monthly mortgage payments. Consider if you’re eligible for any CPF housing grants too.

Are there any other restrictions for single buyers of ECs?

Yes, singles face more rules. There’s a 5-year wait before they can sell or rent out their EC.