Singapore Condo Maintenance Fee: What You Need to Know

When you buy a condo in Singapore, you pay more than just your mortgage. There’s also a monthly condo maintenance fee. This fee handles the upkeep of the condo’s grounds, buildings, and shared spaces.

Fees can be as low as $50 or as high as $1,000 every month. The actual amount depends on where the condo is, how many units there are, and the facilities it offers. It’s key for anyone thinking of buying a condo in Singapore to know about these condo maintenance fees.

Key Takeaways

  • Condo maintenance fees cover the costs of managing, maintaining, and upkeeping the entire condominium property.
  • Fees can range from $50 to $1,000 per month, depending on factors like location, size, and amenities.
  • The “share value” allocated to each unit determines the owner’s contribution to the maintenance and management costs.
  • Condo associations hold annual general meetings to make decisions about budgets and fee adjustments.
  • Maintenance fees cover common areas, facilities, building repairs, and staff costs.

Definition and Purpose

Owning a condo in Singapore means you pay a monthly fee. This is known as the condo maintenance fee. It is key for keeping the condo grounds and areas tidy. It also ensures the residents’ facilities are running well.

Components of Maintenance Fees

So, what does the condo maintenance fee cover exactly? It pays for things like:

  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance
  • Garbage collection and disposal
  • Maintenance and repairs of common areas, such as lobbies, elevators, and recreational facilities
  • Utilities for common areas (e.g., electricity, water, and gas)
  • Salaries and benefits for onsite staff, such as security guards and cleaners
  • A portion set aside for the condo sinking fund and condo management fund for future big fixes

Difference from HDB Conservancy Charges

It’s not the same as what HDB flat owners pay for maintenance. In comparison, HDB conservancy charges are less and cover fewer services. Condo maintenance fees are more extensive.

Factors Influencing Maintenance Fees

In Singapore, living in a condominium means you have to pay maintenance fees. These fees can change a lot based on where the condo is, how big it is, and what it offers. Knowing about these factors can help people thinking about buying a condo to prepare for extra costs.

Location and Prestige

Where the condo is located is a big deal for maintenance fees. If it’s in a fancy, central spot with lots of rich amenities and easy transport, the fees will be higher. This is because great locations and prestigious areas demand more for their upkeep.

Size and Amenities

A condo’s size and what it offers matters a lot in setting the maintenance fees. Bigger condos with more facilities like gyms, pools, or parks need more money to keep up. This ends up in a higher maintenance fee for residents.

Age of Development

The age of the condo also impacts your maintenance fees. Older buildings usually need more maintenance, like repairs and upgrades. So as condos get older, these costs might go up, affecting the fees you pay.

Typical Range in Singapore

Condo maintenance fees in Singapore range from $300 to $1,000 a month. They depend on the condo’s features, location, size, and age. These factors decide the typical condo maintenance fees.

Share Value and Calculation

Condo maintenance fees are figured from each unit’s “share value.” This figure decides how much an owner contributes to the building’s upkeep. It also affects the voting power they have. So, the calculation of condo maintenance fees hinges on this share value.

Sinking Fund and Management Fund

Part of the condo maintenance fees goes into a sinking fund and a management fund. The sinking fund saves for big repairs and replacements. Meanwhile, the management fund handles everyday building costs and staff salaries.

Maintenance Fee ComponentDescription
Sinking FundSavings for major repairs and replacements
Management FundCovers day-to-day operations and staff costs
Common Area UpkeepMaintenance of shared spaces and facilities
UtilitiesElectricity, water, and other utilities for common areas

It’s important for people looking to buy a condo in Singapore to understand condo maintenance fees. Knowing how these fees are set and what they include helps with planning and budgeting.

Management and Payment

The condo association, made up of all owners, runs and cares for the property. They meet yearly at annual general meetings (AGMs) to decide on upgrades, budgets, and changes to fees.

Condo Association and Annual General Meetings

At the annual general meeting, important topics are talked about and voted on. This includes setting the budget, deciding if fees need to go up, and hearing out residents’ concerns.

When and How to Pay

In Singapore, condo owners usually pay their fees each month. The deadline and ways to pay may change. Owners typically get a bill from the management office. They can pay through online banking, automatic debit, or in person.

Paying on time is crucial. Missing a payment can lead to fines or even being taken to court by the association.

What Maintenance Fees Cover

Condo maintenance fees in Singapore handle many upkeep expenses. They look after common areas and facilities like lobbies and swimming pools. Also, they cover the cost of garbage collection.

Common Areas and Facilities

These fees help keep shared spaces clean and working. They pay for the upkeep of the building’s outside and gardens. Fees also deal with utilities needed, like electricity and water, for all to use areas.

Building Maintenance and Repairs

Condo fees also help with the building’s structural integrity. They pay for inspections, repairs, and a fund for future big fixes. This includes work on the roof, walls, and essential systems.

Staff Costs and Services

The money from maintenance covers the staff’s salaries and benefits. This means security guards, cleaners, and others are paid for. It also helps hire services like pest control and landscaping.

Disputes and Increases

In Singapore, some folks are not happy about their condo maintenance fees. They found out they were paying much more than they were promised. At places like Dairy Farm Residences and Parc Komo, fees were up to 65% higher than prior estimates. This led residents to sign petitions and talk to the developers.

Recent Cases of Disputes

The debate over condo fees has gotten a lot of attention in Singapore. For example, those living in Dairy Farm Residences discovered their fees were 65% more than they thought. At Parc Komo, owners were also surprised by the sudden cost increase. They started talks with the company managing the buildings.

Reasons for Fee Increases

Many things can cause condo fees to go up in Singapore. Growing costs of labor, materials, and utilities play a big part. Also, as buildings get older, they often need more maintenance and repairs. Sometimes, updates to amenities or services can also increase fees.

Engaging with Developers and Agents

If you’re dealing with high condo fees, it’s important to talk to those in charge. This includes attending meetings, forming committees, and negotiating with the management. The goal is to make sure everything is fair and clear. By working together, owners can find out why fees are changing and hopefully reach a good solution.


Condo maintenance fees in Singapore are key for those thinking of buying. These monthly fees help keep up the shared spaces and services. They can be from $300 to over $1,000. The amount is based on where the condo is, its size, what it offers, and how old it is.

It’s vital to know what these fees cover and how they’re decided. This knowledge helps buyers make smart choices when getting a condo in Singapore. Also, being on top of any changes in fees and working with the condo group can reduce costs.

So, knowing about condo maintenance fees in Singapore is crucial for your budget. It allows you to plan well for these regular fees before you buy. This understanding helps buyers handle costs better during their time as condo owners.


What is a condominium maintenance fee in Singapore?

The maintenance fee in condos is a monthly charge. Owners pay to manage the entire property. It includes costs for gardens, waste collection, and common areas. Part of it goes to a savings fund for emergencies.

What factors influence condominium maintenance fees in Singapore?

Fees depend on the condo’s location, size, and available amenities. The age of the building is also important. Condos in top areas, larger spaces, and older buildings have higher fees.

What is the typical range of condominium maintenance fees in Singapore?

In Singapore, condo fees range from $300 to $1,000 monthly. The amount is based on the share value of each unit. This affects voting rights and how much each owner pays for upkeep.

How are condominium maintenance fees managed and paid?

The condo association, made up of the owners, looks after the property. They hold meetings to decide on budgets and any needed changes. Owners pay their fees every month.

What do condominium maintenance fees cover in Singapore?

These fees manage the property’s day-to-day needs. They pay for things like lobbies, gardens, and sports facilities. It also includes building repairs and staff costs.

Have there been any disputes over condominium maintenance fees in Singapore?

Recent years have seen disagreements about fees in Singapore. Some residents felt their charges were much higher than promised. For example, at Dairy Farm Residences and Parc Komo, fees went up by as much as 65%. This led to discussions and appeals with the developers.