How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Condo in Singapore?

Renting a condo in Singapore is a big deal for all, locals and foreigners alike. It’s known for being pricey, often ranked among the most expensive cities globally. This is mainly due to the high costs of housing. The rental price of a condo can vary a lot. It depends on where it is, its size, age, and what features it has.

Condos in prime districts and the heart of the city usually cost more than those in suburban or cheaper areas. Also, those that come furnished or serviced are more expensive than empty ones. One report said that rentals can start at SGD 2,500 (USD 1,830) for smaller places and go up to over SGD 20,000 (USD 15,000) for luxury condos in top areas. Another study found private houses are also costly. Renting a detached house in a top location goes for about SGD 18,000 (USD 14,500) a month.

Key Takeaways

  • Renting a condo in Singapore can be a significant expense, with prices varying based on location, size, age, and amenities.
  • Condos in prime districts and central areas tend to have higher rental rates compared to suburban or more affordable neighborhoods.
  • Furnished or serviced condos typically command higher rents than unfurnished units.
  • The average monthly rent can range from SGD 2,500 (USD 1,830) for units in outer areas to over SGD 20,000 (USD 15,000) for luxury condos in prestigious neighborhoods.
  • The cost of renting private homes in Singapore can also be very high, with the average rent for a detached house in prime locations reaching around SGD 18,000 (USD 14,500) per month.

Understanding Singapore’s Rental Market

Singapore’s rental market aims to give tenants flexible options, which can be good for people seeking better terms. Unlike some places, there’s no specific contract template for all landlords to use in Singapore. This setup allows for more room to negotiate, possibly leading to lower rents and personalized agreements.

In Singapore, landlords are free to adjust their rental rates without restrictions from the government. This setup can work well for skilled negotiators among tenants. But it also leads to more frequent changes in prices, which might not suit everyone’s budget.

In Singapore, another point of concern is that landlords are not legally required to keep security deposits in secure accounts. This setup can make tenants uneasy since their security deposit, which is usually a month’s rent for each year of the lease, might not be as protected as they’d wish.

Key Characteristics of Singapore’s Rental MarketImplications
Flexible rental contracts with no fixed Tenancy Agreement (TA)Allows for greater negotiation opportunities and customized lease terms
Lack of rent control measuresLandlords can set rental rates based on market conditions, leading to more fluctuations in prices
Security deposits not held in trust or escrow accountsPotential risk for tenants, as there is less oversight and protection for these funds

In summary, the way Singapore’s rental market is set up can be a double-edged sword for renters. It presents chances for negotiation but also comes with the risk of fluctuating prices and less secure security deposits. For tenants, this highlights the importance of thorough research and strategic bargaining to find a rental that both suits their budget and lifestyle.

HDB Flat Rental Rates

In Singapore, many people choose HDB (Housing Development Board) flats for their homes. They offer a variety of sizes and rooms, from small studios to large apartments. But, rental rates for HDB flats can be quite different, mostly depending on where the flat is.

Central and Mature Estates Are More Expensive

In well-established, central HDB towns, rents are higher. For example, a 3-room flat can cost from SGD 1,700 to SGD 2,400 a month. This is about USD 1,250 to USD 1,760. On the other hand, in suburban or newer places, rates might be lower, around SGD 1,700 to SGD 2,300 each month (USD 1,250 to USD 1,690).

HDB Flat SizeRental Rates in Central/Mature EstatesRental Rates in Suburban/New Estates
3-roomSGD 1,700 – SGD 2,400 (USD 1,250 – USD 1,760)SGD 1,700 – SGD 2,300 (USD 1,250 – USD 1,690)
4-roomSGD 2,100 – SGD 2,800 (USD 1,540 – USD 2,050)SGD 2,000 – SGD 2,600 (USD 1,470 – USD 1,910)
5-roomSGD 2,400 – SGD 3,200 (USD 1,760 – USD 2,350)SGD 2,300 – SGD 2,900 (USD 1,690 – USD 2,130)

The rent difference highlights the benefits of living in mature centers, close to the city’s heart and transport. You should think about your budget and what you need in lifestyle. This will help you decide on the best balance between cost and location when choosing an HDB flat in Singapore.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Condo in Singapore?

The cost to rent a condo in Singapore varies a lot. It changes based on where the condo is and other things. Rent for condos can go from about SGD 2,500 (USD 1,830) a month in the outer parts to over SGD 6,000 (USD 4,400) in popular areas like Orchard.

If you’re looking at expensive condos in nice areas, it can get much pricier. Rent for these fancy places can hit over SGD 20,000 (USD 15,000) every month. The price changes a lot based on how close the condo is to the city.

Average Rental Rates by District

High-end condos in popular neighborhoods with cool amenities can cost even more. They might be over SGD 20,000 (USD 15,000) each month. So, what you pay for rent in Singapore is mainly about location and city access.

Factors Affecting Condo Rental Prices

The size, age, and how the condo is furnished all change the rent. Plus, public transportation access is a big deal. When picking a condo, people need to think about their budget and what they need. This means considering how much they’re willing to pay for the right spot.

Additional Costs to Consider

When you rent a condo in Singapore, keep in mind you’ll have more costs. One big extra cost is the security deposit. It’s usually the same as a month’s rent for each year of your lease. This money is for any damage or if you break the lease rules. But remember, it’s not kept in a special account, so make sure you get it back when you leave.

Also, you’ll need to pay for your utility costs. This can be between SGD 150 to SGD 600 (USD 111 to USD 445) monthly. The actual amount depends on how big your place is and how much you use electricity and air conditioning. Other costs may include service and conservancy fees, internet and cable TV, and money for any needed furniture or moving.

ExpenseAverage Cost (SGD/month)
Security DepositEquivalent to 1 month’s rent per year of lease
Utilities (Electricity, Water, etc.)150 – 600
Service and Conservancy ChargesVaries by property
Internet and Cable TV50 – 200
Furnishing and Moving CostsVaries based on requirements

Factors to Consider When Renting

When you rent a condo in Singapore, think about many key things. This helps you pick a great place that fits your needs and budget. Look at your income, how you live, what space you need, and the area around the condo. This will guide you to the right choice.

Budget and Financial Planning

Starting with a good budget is key for renting a condo in Singapore. Think about your monthly income and what you spend elsewhere. Don’t forget to save some money for emergencies. This keeps your finances in check during the rental.

Lifestyle Requirements

Your lifestyle matters when choosing a place to rent. Check if you can have pets, live with others, and how you can use shared spaces. Also, see if the place and its community meet your lifestyle needs and wants.

Living Space Needs

Consider the space and layout that meets your needs. This includes how many bedrooms and bathrooms you need. Also, think about if the place aligns with your future plans and special needs. Choosing the right space is crucial for your comfort.

Accessibility and Amenities

How close the condo is to important places matters a lot. Think about work, school, and places to shop and have fun. Make sure it’s easy to get around and meets your daily needs in Singapore.

Furnished or Unfurnished Options

You can choose between a condo that comes with furniture, one without, or somewhere in between. Furnished condos might cost more each month but save you money upfront. Unfurnished places give you more freedom but you need to buy furniture.

Length of Lease

The time you plan to stay in your rental affects your choices. Longer leases can be more stable but less flexible. Shorter leases may have more options. Consider your future plans and what lease length best fits those.

Neighboring Environment

Don’t forget to check the area around the condo. Look for noise and if it’s close to busy areas. A good neighborhood is as important as the condo itself.

Negotiating Rental Rates

When renting a condo in Singapore, there are tricks to get better prices. Doing a comparative market analysis is a great start. Check similar condos in the area to see if the quoted price is fair. If it’s too high, sharing this info with the landlord might help you get a lower price.

Ask for a longer lease to lower the monthly costs. Some landlords are happy to give a discount if you rent for a year or more. But, make sure a longer lease fits with your plans and needs.

Getting the landlord to pay for utility bills can also lower your monthly expenses. This is more likely to happen if you’re willing to sign a longer lease. It makes the place more affordable for you.

Don’t forget to ask about referral benefits. Sometimes, property owners give deals to tenants who are referred by someone they know. It helps the owner find good tenants and saves you money.

Using these strategies, tenants can hope to get better deals in Singapore’s tough rental market. This can help lower the cost of living in a condo.

Finding Rental Properties

Tenants in Singapore can look for rental homes in many ways. Websites like PropertyGuru,, and Oh My Home are now top choices. These sites help people see and compare lots of places to rent in the city.

Property Portals

Renters can easily find their dream home using these sites. They just choose where they want to live, their price range, and what kind of place they need. With all this info, they can quickly see what’s available and find the perfect rental property.

Real Estate Agents

Another smart way is to work with real estate agents. They know a lot about what’s out there and can help with getting a good deal. They know the market well and can share tips for getting the best rental.

Word-of-Mouth and Social Networks

Friends and social media can also help find great rentals. Sometimes, this can lead to finding a place not known by many. Using your personal connections alongside websites and agents can be very useful.


Renting a condo in Singapore can put a big dent in your wallet. Prices change based on where it is, how big it is, its age, and what it offers. So, it’s crucial to budget well, think about what you really need, and balance cost with convenience. If you know how to work the rental market, check the average rates, and negotiate smartly, you might get a better deal. This can help keep your housing costs down in an expensive city like Singapore.

It’s not just the rent you need to think about. There are also security deposits and bills to cover. Looking at different rental options, from HDB flats to serviced apartments, helps find what’s best for you without going over budget. Doing your homework, planning your money well, and making smart choices is key to a good rental experience in Singapore.

So, what’s important when looking to rent in Singapore? Know the market, think about what you really need, aim for good rental terms, and keep close track of what everything will cost you. Doing these things will help you find a place that suits your lifestyle and fits your budget in Singapore.


How much does it cost to rent a condo in Singapore?

Renting a condo in Singapore varies in cost. This depends on where it is, its size, age, and what it offers. On average, prices start at about SGD 2,500 (USD 1,830) a month for places in the outskirts. They can go over SGD 6,000 (USD 4,400) in central spots.

Luxury condos in fancy areas can be much more. They might be over SGD 20,000 (USD 15,000) each month.

What are the key factors that influence condo rental prices in Singapore?

The rental price of a condo in Singapore is mainly shaped by its location, size, age, and how it’s furnished. Also, how close it is to the city and if there’s good access to transport affects the price.

What are the additional costs to consider when renting a condo in Singapore?

Besides the rent, renters need to think about an initial security deposit. This is usually the same as one month’s rent for each year of the lease. Other costs include utility bills, which can be between SGD 150 to SGD 600 a month.

There’s also service and conservancy charges, internet and TV fees, and any costs for furnishing the place or moving in.

What are the important factors to consider when renting a condo in Singapore?

Setting a clear rental budget is crucial. So is thinking about what kind of lifestyle the place needs to support. Consider how much living space you require and what services and facilities are important to you.

Decide if you want a place that comes furnished or not. Also, think about how long you want to stay and what the area is like.

How can tenants negotiate better rental rates in Singapore?

One way to get a better deal is by studying the market. Understand what similar places are renting for. You can also ask for a longer lease, get the landlord to pay for some bills, or see if there are any bonuses for referring others.

What are the best ways to find rental properties in Singapore?

Looking online on property websites is a good start. Real estate agents can also help. And don’t forget about using your personal connections. Sometimes friends, colleagues, or social media contacts can point you towards a good rental.